Art with a touch of innocence

The series focuses on the subject of storytelling with a touch of innocence. Storytelling comes in a variety of forms, to name a few, like myths, legends, fairy tales, fables and adventures. As if through the eyes of a child, animals like rabbits, hares and deer become a stand in for certain emotions and memories.

Through this method of storytelling we are able to share our values, desires and dreams. We share our identity and ourselves with the greater community. We share to differentiate and to belong.

Stories take us on journeys in our imagination and feelings. They help us to realise what is possible and help us to make sense of the world we live in.


About this series

As a traveller and a migrant from South Africa, I have brought with me my childhood stories. But also stories from my family and my culture handed over by my Ancestors.

As a visual storyteller and through these paintings, I wished to share some stories and memories. Growing up on a farm, dreams of flying, puppet shows on television with rabbits and dragons.

The tooth fairy and believing everything mum told me… A story about a boy, called Niels, who travelled the world on the back of a goose. A fascination with the East through my Grandmother’s stories of her travels to China and my step aunty, Lulu, who lived in Japan, sharing stories of this foreign land and teaching me how to fold ‘origami’ birds.
These stories and memories fueled a desire to explore the world and eventually saw me travelling to faraway lands… by boat and a giant flying goose”.