An unlikely couple The owl and pussycat

“Together is a wonderful place to be” Anon

This series takes inspiration from an 1871 poem by Edward Lear and explores the lives of this unlikely couple after marriage and children.

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About this series

A wonderful metaphor; the artist uses the owl and pussycat to describe events in life using familiar characters we can all relate to.

“Drifting together” describes how things sometimes just fall into place when you’re happy and enjoying life.

“Excess luggage” and “Peace Offering” talks of what we bring into our relationships and how we deal and cope with conflict. “Walk the line” of being faithful.

“The Juggler” and “Ringmaster” talks of the juggling act of work and play and raising a family. And finding a healthy balance within it all.

The final painting “Together” is a reflective piece that concludes this series with a hopeful ‘happy ending’ and staring at the moon.