Dreamlike and Fanciful

“…Floating serenely for a while, suspended in the wind’s highway, I’m in panoramic harmony with nature; And my mind is led astray…” by Andrew Harley

Dreamlike: “a fanciful vision of the conscious mind” A dreamlike state where anything is possible and things can be slightly fancy or surreal.

I first painted balloons for my Godwit show in 2009 and in 2011 I painted a few pieces for a group show in Matakana.


About this series

Ballooning: Of all the ways of flying, no other feels like a hot air balloon. To balloon is to levitate above the ground, drifting silently as if in a dream. With its beginnings in 18th-century France, the endeavour has changed little since. You are still completely at the whims of the wind.

This body of work discusses the joy of silence and tranquility… a journey to a happy place… where the heart is at peace. It represents a daydream, a wish and a state of mind as we drift away into a world of dreams.