Close to my heart – 2012

“As we become curators of our own contentment on the simple abundance path… we learn to savor the small with a grateful heart.” – Sarah Ban

Fond memories and small sentimental belongings that could be of no real monetary value, but priceless in heart value… Family, solitude, company, companionship, time and making time.

“Close to my heart” – Solo Exhibition – Soul Gallery 2012


About this series

This series represents all the little things not necessarily physical items, but attributes which I value.

When I started working towards this show, I wanted to express how important the ‘small moments’ in life, were.

Little indulgences and small delights. A quick catch up with a friend. Little pockets of time spent with family. A cup of tea or a coffee break…staring into nothingness, dreaming away and soaking up the sun…