‘Isolation Keepsakes’ by Santie Cronje

A beautiful collection of 28 photopaintings, created during New Zealand’s Level 4 Isolation Period. A limited edition of only 10 each will be printed.
To order your ‘Keepsake’ please use the email link below the gallery.

31 March 2020 First week of Isolation

“I had a little breakthrough last night… this little mushroom stayed in my thoughts after I photographed him a couple of days ago, not thinking he would become the perfect vessel to carry my images and convey the message of isolation and introspection. Upon reading a little more about their symbolic meaning I found some words that explains why I am drawn to this ancient recycler. I created quite a few images in the early hours of the morning and just like a mushroom it grew quite quickly into a new collection. So pleased I stopped and saw you Mr Mushroom. You have given me much food for thought”.

Mushrooms have been around for tens of millions of years and their activities are indispensable for the operation of the biosphere. Through their relationships with plants and animals, mushrooms are essential for forest and grassland ecology, climate control and atmospheric chemistry, water purification, and the maintenance of biodiversity.
They are nature’s natural recyclers where old becomes new and dead matter is broken down in order to give birth to something new. ”