ECHO – a collaborative show by Santie Cronje and Claudia Aalderink at The Mandarin Tree 10 – 23 March 2019

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Santie Cronje & Claudia Aalderink

ECHO is a collaborative show by Waikato artists Santie Cronje and Claudia Aalderink.

Having previously worked together in group shows, the artists realised their work had a great synergy even though they used different styles and mediums.

Inspiration for ECHO was born from the creation of one small beehive cube which Claudia presented as a starting point…. ideas soon followed.

Claudia, a contemporary artist, has always had an interest in re-using and recycling material for artworks. Her recycled beehive pieces are assembled in complex designs seemingly effortlessly created by the artist.

Santie’s style is recognizable as she uses a minimal colour palette. As a symbolist artist and visual storyteller, Santie’s paintings are inspired by ‘life happenings’ traveling and migration. Having recently moved from Cambridge to the countryside near Tirau has unmistakably influenced the artist; new horizons, landscapes and sunsets are a fresh source of inspiration.

Working together on this close collaboration has seen both artists slightly changing direction; they have challenged each other to step out of their comfort zones and look at their medium with new eyes.

Santie created four acrylic pieces and four photographic print collages where she incorporated progress shots of her paintings and photographic images of her new surroundings to create unique new environments. Different to the originals they are their own unique creations. Three canvas pieces (editions of 5 prints only) will be displayed on art hangers as un-stretched canvas prints, leaving options open for framing or stretching the artworks. “Homeward bound” the fourth digital collage is printed on cotton rag paper and framed in white. (Edition of 25)

ECHO is a response to each other’s work and a representation of a successful artistic collaboration.

Exhibition dates: 10 – 23 March. Opening preview: Sunday 10 March at 2pm

The Gallery is open from Tuesday – Friday 10 am – 5 pm
and Saturday 10 am – 2 pm.

The Mandarin Tree

1034 Gordonton Road

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